The team at Fortafy feel like a true extension of the Impact Austin staff. They take the time to ask thoughtful questions about our business model and operations to ensure that we arrive at the best solutions for our organization. Our work with Fortafy has led to increased efficiencies in our Salesforce and related process and improved data capabilities for our fundraising and membership activities. I appreciate that they consider the technical debt that we’re taking on along the way to ensure solutions are sustainable. Also, training and documentation are always a part of the process, which is a critical step that can be missed by other consultants doing this kind of work.

Technology projects are a big lift for nonprofit organizations that often have limited time and resources to commit to nonprogrammatic work. Working with Fortafy allows you to focus on your mission, knowing that you have technology experts in your corner that care as much about helping you succeed as your own staff and supporters. I leave our check ins with confidence that things will be executed as expected and on time – and doing it all with a sense of humor along the way!